How to Turn Your Passion into a Career


Most of us have to go to work every day to make a living and support our lifestyles. In fact, the average person will spend 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all love and be passionate about our careers? Unfortunately, that’s usually not the case. “A study from the Deloitte University Press reported that up to 87.7 percent of America’s workforce is unable to contribute to their full potential because they don’t have passion for their work. Furthermore, less than 12.3 percent of America’s workforce possesses the attributes of worker passion.” Most of us are stuck between staying at a job because of the financial stability it provides and not knowing what our passions are. Stability provides a lot of comfort; however, we should all remember that money doesn’t define success for everyone. For many, success is being proud of an achievement of a desired purpose and being part of something that has meaning. Passion comes from believing in and loving what you do. Entrepreneurs put passion first and often success follows.

In the past couple of years, the pandemic has brought new norms to the workforce, like working from home. Additionally, there was a humungous uptick in entrepreneurial endeavors. “According to the latest entrepreneurship stats, nearly 5.4 million new businesses were registered in 2021 (, 2022). Not only is this a 23 percent year-over-year increase, but it is also the highest number of young establishments there’s ever been in a single calendar year in more than 15 years.” If you too are leaning more toward making the jump and starting your own business, consider following these tips for how to turn your passion into a career:

  • Follow your passion– This one should be easy right? Well, yes, your passion is something that naturally drives you, but turning it into a career may not be exactly what you’re imagining. For example, if your passion is drawing, you may be able to apply that to becoming a freelance graphic designer. Remember to stay flexible and keep your options open.
  • Know your field– Do your research before you quit your day job. Before you commit to making your passion into your career, you should fully understand what it’s going to take. Think about what qualifications are required; if you’ll need employees, a physical location, funding or a website and who your competitors are.
  • Make a business plan– In order to turn your passion into a real life business that earns money, you will need to create a realistic business plan. Make your plan as detailed as possible, and don’t be afraid to look to others for support and guidance. Consider enlisting the help of an advisory board, and listen to other people’s insights
  • Roll with the challenges– The road to success as an entrepreneur is not going to be easy. There will be setbacks and opportunities for improvement along the way but, with determination and the willpower to keep going, success will follow. Run toward challenges, not away from them.
  • Become an expert– Once you decide to become a business owner, it’s your responsibility to be the expert in your industry. In order to be successful in what you’re offering, you need to fully understand the service or product you’re providing. Put the work in and do a deep dive, so you can have unique offerings that’ll more than satisfy your customers.
  • Continue your education– It’s important to keep learning throughout the life of your business. The world and everything in it is constantly changing, so make sure you’re staying up to trend in your industry and being adaptable to the times.

Every step you take to turn your passion into a career is a step in the right direction. By being proactive and motivated, you’ll soon be in the business of doing what you love.